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Automatise your content translation process with translationstudio. Editors can intuitively submit content for translation and let translationstudio handle everything else.

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Create content easily and fast with creativitystudio and the power of AI. Packed with all essential functionality and intuitive interfaces, you can create meaningful content using your favourite tool - MS Word, LibreOffice, Web Application or in your content management system.

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Create or edit your content

Edit a page or any content in the content management system.

Chose target language(s)

A simple and intuitive workflow lets you choose which target language(s) to translate into and whether there is a deadline for urgent translations.

Submit your translation request

Now, translationstudio works in the background and sends the content to your translation agency or uses machine translation services for instant translations.


Your content will be translated and you will receive an e-mail notification as soon as the translations are imported into the content management system.

It hardly gets any simpler

translationstudio does not require expert knowledge

Editors have enough on their plate and translations can be commissioned without specialized knowledge.

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