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Tailor made

Corporate Language
Train you own AI to make use of your corporate language and terminology
Translate immediately
You can generate content in different languages right out of the box
Research Sources
Let the AI research sources relevant to your topic

Make the most out of each day

with creativitystudio

One service to boost your content creation

No matter how you text, we have the right interface for you.

Microsoft Word

Our Word Add-In offers all functionalities in your well-known word processor. Write a term, and let the AI suggest relevant questions or topics. Mark a question and have a text created for you. If you don't like it, just have it rewritten.

If you prefer to write yourself, let the AI research relevant sources and insert appropriate passages and links directly into your document for you to review.

Everywhere with our web app

Not working with Word or preferring your browser? Great! Our web app offers an easy to use interface with all features, no matter where you are. Thanks to the clear design, you can easily find your way around and get started right away.

If you want to continue working with a text processor, you can simply copy the texts and paste them to your document.

Assisted Creativity

right there, in your

content management system

creativitystudio is available in your FirstSpirit CMS and our simple JAVA API allows you to go even one step further and create custom workflows with minimal effort thanks to your straightforward step by step documentation.

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Read more about our API

You can find our complete documentation and ideas about how to customise your workflows at our dedicated technology page

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